Instructions for Electronic Transfers to VCU

1. Provide the following information to your bank:

BANK: Bank of America, N.A.
BANK ADDRESS: 222 Broadway, New York, New York 10038
BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1. Access eServices/VCU Self Service through the “myVCU” portal at
2. Select the “Student” option
3. Select the “Student Direct Deposit and Electronic Funds Transfers” option
4. Email if you do not have access to the “myVCU” portal








RFB: Name of Student and Student V# (The student’s name and student V# must be included in the electronic transmission to ensure proper credit to the student’s account.)
OBI: Indicate the reason for the payment
The student's name and student id number must be included in the electronic transmission to ensure proper credit to the student's account. If you are a vendor, please include the department name and invoice number.

2. Notify that you have transferred funds to the University.

3. NOTE: These instructions are for both domestic and international wire transfers.

4. International wires for tuition payments may be made directly through our partner, Flywire at International wire transfers not made through Flywire should include: SWIFT CODE = BOFAUS3N. NOTE: The University may not accept or send electronic funds or transact business with certain countries without the prior approval of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), U.S. Department Treasury. OFAC publishes a list of foreign countries, government entities, companies, and individuals that are prohibited from doing business with the U.S., which can be found here.