Accounting is responsible for the reconciliation of the campus based Federal and University Loan programs, petty cash custodial funds, returned checks, returned credit card charges, miscellaneous receivables, State Deposit Certificates and the State Comptroller’s Debt Set-Off programs. Accounting is also responsible for monitoring university bank accounts, deposit receipt adjustments, establishing VCU credit card merchants, and incoming electronic payments from vendors and students.

Our Team

Cameron Sawyer, Senior Manager

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Manages the Disbursements & Accounting Department.

Blanca Marquez

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Petty cash fund creations, additions, change of custodian, reconciliation of loan funds and treasury accounts.

Jacqueline Clare

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Vendor Set-Off program, processes claims against vendor payments. Debt Set-Off program, processes claims against individual tax refunds.  Bank reconciliations, electronic payments receipts and Deposit/Receipt processing inquiries.