Receivable Reporting Procedures

The amount due for merchandise or services provided to outside customers, which are not paid for on delivery, are referred to as accounts receivable. If you already record your receivables directly to Banner, this section does not apply to you.
If you do not record your billings/receivables in Banner you must:

  • Send a completed Department Statement of Receivables form to Accounting on a monthly basis;
  • If you have any receivables that are unpaid more than ninety (90) days after their original due date, you must also complete and send the Department Statement of Receivables 91 Days to Over 1 Year Past Due form to Accounting on a monthly basis;
  • Both forms are due to Accounting by the 15th day of the following month.

Treasury Services then combines all the receivables and records them on the State Quarterly Receivables Report.

Treasury Services Procedures

5.40 Services Performed for Outside Customers

5.41 Billing Procedures for Accounts Receivable

5.42 Collection Efforts

5.43 Reporting Procedures